Hydrated Lime Manufacturer, Supplier, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Surat, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Hydrated Lime Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply Best quality of Hydrated Lime Manufacturer, We are vadodara based manufacturer , our Quality analysis department and Research and development department make sure that our quality is superior to our all competitors.

Product Description:

Our organization provides a wide assortment of Hydrated Lime Manufacturer, which is widely used for construction purposes. We assure premium quality of our range since, we our quality analysts rigorously check the entire procured line of products. When used as a building material, Hydrated Lime is highly cost-effective. Further, these reduce the reaction time of chemical reactions, owing to its purity.

Appearance Fine free flowing powder
Colour White Powder
Calcium Hydroxide as Ca(OH)2 by Glucose method, On PRY Bais 90.55{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Active CaO 68.60°/o
Acid insoluble 0.50{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Silica as SIO2 0.50{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Magnesium Oxide as MgO 0.25{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Iron & Alumina 0.30{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Dead. Burnt Lime 1.00{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 1.00{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Free Water 0.40{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Sulphate as SO4 0.45{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Sieve Test 98.00{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5} passing through 400 Mesh