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Silica Powder manufacturer

Product Description:

Silica (SiO2) is widely available abundantly in nature. It has natural crystalline structure and has excellent whiteness and brightness. It is inert to acids, alkalies and chemicals. It gives good abrasion resistance.

Industrial Applications :

  • Silica is used in bulk in glass industry, ferro silicon, ferro alloys, welding rods, pottery and other industries. It is also used in making silica ferro manganese alloys.
  • Paints : In wood finish, primers, undercoats, water based paints, distemper, chemical resistance coating, floor coatings etc. It is recommended for texture coating and exterior finishes and .
  • Plastic & Rubber : Silica is used as a filler in plastic industry.
  • Construction : Silica is also used in construction chemicals for spray plasters.

Physical Properties :

Appearance White free flowing powder
Oil absorption 25 to 35{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Sp. gravity 2.6-2.7
Refractive index 1.55
Loss on ignition 0.3{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5} max
PH of 10{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5} aqueous solution 7 (neutral)


Element Symbols Observations
SiO2 99.9{e2f369c99327457f12ca3f26cf36fd51ee11c9e6dbc322b13d3c22a099a1f1c5}
Fe2O3 0.01
CaO 0.0033
Al2O3 0.013

All this grades are available in different mesh size & the particle size would be in mesh or Microns as per customer requirement.

Standard Packaging: 25kg & 50kg.

Price range may varyfrom Rs 2.5-9 /kg as per quality specification